Security information (data and payments)

Security Information (your data and payments processing)

1.Our online store is hosted on the  Shopify platform, a global online-stores hosting company which hosts hundreds  of thousands of online stores in many countries. It is very popular and the platform is considered very safe and secure.

2.All your data, account, and login details are held on Shopify servers/platform. We do not have access to such information, and we do not hold  that information in our servers/computers. We can only access what Shopify allows us to access, in order to provide our services to you. Hence, we can see your contact details, what products you have bought, your email address, delivery address, etc.

3.Shopify is a large global company who have been in this business for a long time, and we therefore trust them to hold both your data and our data securely, and to follow international standards and protocols regarding management of such data. Some information about how your data is used is provided under ‘Terms of Service’ and ‘Privacy’ pages on our online store.

4. For processing your online purchases, we use Shopify Payments and Securepay (owned by Australia Post) payment facilities. SecurePay is used by thousands of Australian business and organisations (e.g some Councils) for processing credit card payments.




5.Both of these payments gateways (Shopify and Securepay)  are known to have  very secure payments processing facilities which are PCI compliant for processing credit card payments. No  sensitive credit card details get transferred to us. We only get the payments transmitted to our bank accounts, once payment has gone through.

NOTE: ‘PCI’ stands for  ‘Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)’.

6.At the check-out, you will have the option of using either the Shopify Payments system or the SecurePay system. It is your choice.....both of them are considered very secure and safe online payments platforms.