Kaspersky Internet Security Software (ESD version-Electronic Software Download). [ONLINE DELIVERY]

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The price here is for the product which protects upto  3  PCs (i.e Windows machines) for 2 YEARS. If you want to protect other  devices, we suggest you consider 'Kaspersky Total Security'.
NOTE: The packaging image is for illustrations only. What you are buying is an ESD version (Electronic Software Download) of the product. We shall send you an email (typically within 24hrs), and provide you with your Product Code or Activation Key, and  instructions on how to download the software product and activate the product.
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Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Protects against attacks, ransomware & more
  • Protects your privacy & personal information
  • Protects money when you bank & shop online
  • For activation in Australia and New Zealand, but once activated protection is available globally.  


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